Line Halvorsen (b. 1969) has worked as a director and editor on more than 20 documentaries and travel series for Norwegian and International television since 1997. Many of these have focused on human rights issues. She received her degree in film at the University of Trondheim and specialized in documentary film at Volda College, Norway.

From 2002-2004, Halvorsen lived in Bethlehem on the Occupied West Bank where she made the award-winning documentary A Stone’s Throw Away (2003) about the lives of three young Palestinian children. The film received several awards, among them the prestigious Norwegian film award Amanda and it has been screened at festivals and events worldwide. With the film A Stone’s Throw Away, Halvorsen contributed to a renewed debate on the desperate plight of many Palestinian children and encouraged sympathy and understanding for innocent victims living in a conflict area.

In 2004, Halvorsen moved to the United States. Concerned with human and civil rights, and possessing a personal interest in the Middle East, she found an intriguing combination of these two fields of interest when she learned the story of Sami Al-Arian and his family.

Halvorsen’s background in Palestine led to her receiving the family’s trust and confidence, and has given her a unique opportunity to tell a detailed and intimate human story of a family that is experiencing hardship during a trying time for Muslims in America.